Plant Maintenance Limited provides the following range of engineering services:

Hire of Skilled Maintenance Personnel

Most manufacturing plants are inherently self destructing and require some form of maintenance to keep running. This work was traditionally undertaken by the in house Engineering Department. However, as the UK's manufacturing industry strives to compete in the global market, streamlining has left many companies with only a small core maintenance team. They then supplement with skilled manpower to cover peak demand, such as plant shutdowns, breakdowns, projects, holiday and sickness cover. Our cost effective service is generally provided on a flexible "daywork" scenario and is invoiced against an agreed schedule of hourly rates.

Hire of Skilled Maintenance Supervision

The low numbers of apprentice trained maintenance personnel produced by UK industry over the last 20 years has led to a shortage of good quality tradesmen. To manage a lesser skilled workforce in an ever increasing health & safety focused climate has created a demand for skilled maintenance supervisors. This is especially applicable in industries that have major shutdowns employing large numbers of personnel, e.g. the cement, steel and power industries.


Current strategic thinking is to concentrate your efforts and resources on what actually adds value to your business. Other non critical business processes are then outsourced, such as, I.T., facilities management, marketing, telesales etc. There is also now a trend to outsource engineering maintenance to varying degrees with many blue chip companies following this route. Types of contracts available range from the full outsource of the maintenance function to specific maintenance tasks such as planned maintenance, breakdown cover or individual asset care. We can also undertake off site machinery refurbishment utilising our well equipped engineering workshop facility.

Installation Services

To remain competitive many manufacturers use Plant Maintenance Limited to install their plant and machinery on site. This is cost effective as they only pay for our services as and when they are required. They are also safe in the knowledge that we have the necessary management systems and resources available to deliver projects safely and within budget.

Plant Relocation and Decommissioning

Again with the decline of the UK manufacturing industry there is an ongoing climate of plant closure or relocation to more cost effective sites. To compete in the world wide market other companies are investing in new plant or changing the flow of existing production facilities to achieve greater efficiencies. We are well placed to support these projects through the provision of our supervision, skilled manpower, transportation, and specialist equipment.

Welding and Fabrication

We provide a range of on-site welding and fabrication services to support our clients shutdown and project requirements.